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Videoconferencing & Virtual Visits

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What is telehealth?

  • The use of information technology to connect people to health-care services at a distance.
  • Patients are able to see, hear and talk to their health-care provider on a television screen.
    • Your local health-care provider may suggest that your appointment could be done through telehealth. You could also suggest a telehealth appointment with your health-care provider. If the provider agrees, then an appointment will be booked and you will be notified with further instructions about your appointment.
    • On the day of your appointment, you will go to the health facility where the telehealth equipment is located. You will be shown how the equipment works and have any questions answered. You can choose to stop your appointment at any time and arrange to see the health-care provider face-to-face. The provider will follow up with your local health-care provider with details of your visit, just as they would with an in-person visit.
  • Telehealth can be used for events such as:
    • Clinical services such as consultations, follow up, case conferencing, and patient education
    • Continuing education for health-care employees and providers
    • Health-related education for patients, families and the public is also available via telehealth
    • Health-care administrative meetings
    • Televisitation for families separated due to medical reasons when requested by a health-care provider

Is telehealth confidential?

MBTelehealth is committed to maintaining the privacy of your personal health information at all times. All information collected, recorded, stored, used or disclosed is done so in accordance with The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) and Shared Health policies.

What is the difference between MBTelehealth and Connection Dialer?

  • MBTelehealth refers to room based equipment while Connection Dialer can be used from a provider’s computer and a camera or from their mobile device.
  • Connection Dialer (accessed through the Virtual Visit Provider Portal) allows increased access to MBTelehealth services for more users because it creates efficiencies in room usage and equipment availability.

What options are available for using telehealth?

  • Fixed equipment can be used if providers and health-care facilities have a dedicated room for telehealth.
  • Mobile carts can be used if providers and health-care facilities need to move the equipment from room to room.
  • Connection Dialer can be used if providers need the convenience of using telehealth from their computer or mobile device.

Why use telehealth?

  • Patients may reduce the time they need to spend away from home and work in order to receive health-care services.
  • It can save time, money and the risks associated with travel.
  • It can improve access to health services that may not be currently available in a patient’s home community or region.
  • Connection Dialer enables health-care providers to connect right from their desk to provide health-care services and participate in education events and administrative meetings. It is convenient, cost effective and easy to use.

Note: Clinical services such as specialist appointments, discharge planning and case-conferencing are available. Look through the page of specialist services currently available via MBTelehealth or contact the Digital Solutions Facilitator in your region for more information on the health services available via telehealth.

Best Practices for Videoconferencing and Virtual Visits

  • Use a wired network connection instead of a wireless connection when possible.
  • Use a well lit room but avoid bright lights or a window behind you or the far end site may have difficulty seeing you (eg due to darkness or shadows).
  • Position yourself in front of a static background with no motion (eg people walking by or any type of movement).
  • Ensure you are in a quiet location as a noisy environment will add background noise that may be disruptive to your call.
  • When conducting a video session from home ensure that no other bandwidth intensive activities are occurring on your home network (eg excessive streaming, downloading or uploading).
  • Close all unnecessary programs during the session to ensure optimal audio/video quality.

Recommended Audio & Video Equipment

Using the recommended webcam and audio headset will ensure optimal audio/visual quality.

VIDEO: Logitech Webcam C925e
AUDIO: Poly Blackwire C3220


If you are interested in obtaining an MBTelehealth service, including Connection Dialer, contact the Digital Solutions Facilitator assigned to your region. Their contact information can be found at the bottom of the Types of Services page (charges may apply for some services).

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