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  • MBTelehealth

    MBTelehealth provides Manitobans with access to health services through the use of technologies, to overcome the barriers of distance, time, and expenses ...

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  • Clinical and Non-Clinical Forms

    Clinical and non-clinical booking forms are used by health-care providers and their support staff to book videoconferencing events with MBTelehealth ...

    Clinical and Non-Clinical Forms
  • Videoconferencing & Virtual Visits

    Videoconferencing & Virtual Visits uses information technology to connect people to health-care providers at a distance ...

    Videoconferencing & Virtual Visits
  • MyMBT Messaging

    MyMBT Messaging provides a single platform for group communication across multiple sites, both inside and outside health-care settings. This tool is used by health-care providers ...

    MyMBT Messaging
  • Catalogue of Specialized Services

    The Catalogue of Specialized Services is a secure, searchable online directory of the specialized services provided by physicians and psychologists throughout Manitoba ...

    Catalogue of Specialized Services
  • eConsult

    eConsult technology allows health-care providers to send digital images of some health-related conditions to specialists ...

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