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Skype for Business - Test Meeting

Getting Started
There are two types of Skype for Business users; Digital Health managed Skype account users or guest users. Click here to test Skype for Business prior to your first meeting and follow A (Digital Health managed Skype users) or B (guest users) below to confirm a successful connection.

A. You have a Digital Health managed Skype account - if the connection is successful you will see this window with a timer in the top right corner and the meeting will open in a new window.
Skype for Business test meeting

B. You are attending as a guest - you will need to install the Skype Meeting Web App when prompted as shown below. You may also be prompted to enter your name to join the test meeting. You will see the image above if the test is successful.
Skype for Business test meeting guest

If the meeting ends after a few seconds or if your screen remains on "calling", have your IT department check the following items:

Ensure the following ports are open:
TCP Ports: 80/443
UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3480, 3481

Ensure the following sites are open:

If you are still having problems connecting, contact the Digital Health Service Desk for assistance.

Training Material
Click here to access our Skype for Business Quick Reference Guides.


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