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Quick Reference Guides

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Videoconference Equipment

TRC6 Remote (Cisco SX Series)
TRC6 Remote NEW SOFTWARE (Cisco SX Series)
TRC5 Remote (Cisco SX Series)
TRC4 Remote
Cisco MX200/MX300/EX90
Touchpad 10 (with Cisco SX80) | Watch the video
SX20 Warning Card

Patient Cameras

GlobalMed Patient Camera - TRC5 - Mobile Cart
GlobalMed Patient Camera - TRC6 - Fixed or Mobile Cart
Librestream Patient Camera with Fixed Equipment
Librestream Patient Camera with Tandberg Mobile Cart


HorusScope Otoscope | Watch the Video

Laptop & LCD Projector

Laptop Connection TRC6
Laptop Connection TRC5
Laptop Connection TRC4
Laptop Connection with LCD Projector for Presenter Site TRC6
Laptop Connection with LCD Projector for Presenter Site TRC5
Laptop Connection with LCD Projector for Presenter Site TRC4
LCD Projector for Attendee Site TRC4


MyMBT Messaging-iPhone/IOS
MyMBT Messaging-Android
MyMBT Messaging-Web Version

MyMBT Videoconferencing | Watch the Video
MyMBT IM (internal only-eHealth staff)
Software Centre Download Instructions


Telestroke: Neurologists - Room GF540 - TRC6 Remote
Telestroke: TRC5 Remote
Telestroke: TRC6 Remote
Telestroke: RightFax

eConsult (Store and Forward)

eConsult - Referrals
eConsult - Specialist
eConsult - Specialist - Alias
eConsult - Service Descriptions