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eConsult (Store and Forward)

eConsult technology allows health-care providers to send digital images of some health-related conditions to a specialist. The specialist may be able to make a diagnosis and suggest treatment and avoid travel to the specialist.

How does eConsult work?

If your health-care provider decides that your health condition requires a consultation from a specialist, your health history and digital images of the problem area will be sent to a specialist. The specialist will review the images and make recommendations for treatment. You may be contacted for a follow up appointment by your health-care provider. You may not have to travel to see the specialist in person.

What are the benefits?

eConsult can improve your access to specialist services that may not be available in your community or region. This may reduce time spent away from home and work. It may reduce stress and travel costs for you.

If either you or your health-care provider feels that eConsult is not appropriate for your condition, an in-person appointment will be arranged.

Is eConsult safe and secure?

Any information about you and your health that is collected, recorded, stored, transferred, used or disclosed, will be done in accordance with the WRHA policies and The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) of Manitoba.

Intake Forms

If you are interested in using eConsult at your site, or if you are a specialist and would like to provide this service please complete and submit the applicable intake form below:

eConsult Intake Form - Referring Site
eConsult Intake Form - New Specialist


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